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Care and Maintenance

The maintenance of natural stones is easy and inexpensive. In order to preserve your worktop over the years you simply have to keep it clean with water and soft detergents (such as mild soap) and then rinse and wipe it. Only in the case of a difficult stain do you have to use specific products.

Lemon, oil and vinegar, as well as chemicals, can leave rings and soil the top. In instances such as these, remove the stains immediately, rinse generously and wipe.



  • Do not use solvents, bleach or alcohol.
  • Limit the use of detergents and avoid the aggressive ones (such as cleansing products for ovens, grills, dishwashers etc) and the acid ones.
  • Do not use pickling substances, caustic soda, or products with a high pH value; do not allow powerful chemical agents, decolourants or paint removers to come into contact with the stone.
  • Do not place objects on the surface which have been removed from the hob.
  • Avoid cutting directly on the worktop with ultra sharp knives.
  • Do not drag heavy appliances across the worktop. Significant scratches are extremely difficult to deal with.
  • Do not use worktops as a workbench or stand on them for access (to replace lights for example); it is dangerous for you and bad for the granite.
  • Do not leave hot or greasy pans sitting on the surface.



  • Wipe up spillages immediately with a clean cloth.
  • Dry up water splashes; leaving water spillages to dry naturally (for example, around taps) could, over time, lead to unsightly lime scale deposits especially in hard-water areas.
  • Use a chopping board to prevent damage to the worktops (its also kinder to your knives).
  • Use a trivet (pan stand) to support hot pans.
  • After use, wipe down the surfaces with a clean damp cloth, a little soap in the wiping water may be desirable but frequent washing with copious amounts of water is not recommended.

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